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About us

Uniplast is a regional leader in manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic packaging. Within over 27 years of operation, we have developed over 150 different high quality products based on own knowledge, ideas and efforts.

Uniplast is a team of young people committed to vision of honesty, spirit of respect and care towards clients that becomes reality. By respecting agreements and care of customer needs, the company gained reputation of trusted partner in the markets in which it operates, though it always strives to outperform customers expectations and to be reliable partner on the long term basis.

The Uniplast team fids the beauty of doing business in a creative environment that motivates and inspires all those that are in touch with their products and services. With our partners, we achieve relationship of maximum trust and fair cooperation with an aim to offer the exclusive, superior quality products, tailored to their needs and requirements, that will improve their sales and facilitate the way to success. The company motto is:

Your score is our achievement!