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UNIPLAST d.o.o. is a leader in production and distribution of pharmaceutical and medical containers in Serbia. Since it was founded, more than 20 years ago, UNIPLAST has developed over 150 products independently and established partnerships with more than 250 clients among which are the biggest pharmacies, health centres, pharmaceutical companies and wholesale drugstores in seven countries. Being the only company in this industry, UNIPLAST is registered at The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of The Republic of Serbia as the centre for development and production which gives the opportunity to develop new technologies that are in the early stages even in the most developed countries in the world.

UNIPLAST has had a certificate that claims that it has integrated management systems of the organization (certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 i OHSAS 18001) for seven years now, and it is in the process of being certified for ISO 15378 standard which is primary packing of medical and pharmaceutical product with a special attention to good manufacturing practice (GMP). All of the abovementioned proves that UNIPLAST products and services meet the highest quality standards and that the company continuously improves them.

Uniplast´s vision

We cherish the following values: honesty, ethics, mutual respect of our clients and us. We promote the atmosphere of sincere and healthy communication even when it means acknowledging mistakes. We strictly follow our principles- we say what we are going to do and do what we said we would. We want to be known as a good business partner and as a company that provides its employees an optimal work environment and a possibility to advance in their careers. We tend to surpass our clients´ expectations with our products, services and our unique style of doing business, and to make a long term business deals. We recognize that we, our clients and our partners depend from each other, and because of that we tend to reach a maximum satisfaction of a well done job. Therefore, we tend to offer the top quality products to our clients that meet their requirements and needs, and to have a maximum trust relationship with our partners as well as correctness in fulfilling obligations.

Uniplast has a mission to…

…do business with partners and clients and with the help of the community to continuously improve its products, the way and the style of doing business, and to help the community to prosper. We believe in making creative environment that motivates and inspires everyone who is in contact with our products and services. We believe in constant improvements and we thrive to offer creative products and services. We assess the business that we do realistically and self-critically in order to identify the spheres in which we can develop. Uniplast has a certified integrated management systems of the organization IMS (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) that obliges us to continuously improve and enhance already high quality level of our products and services. Our goal is to continuously develop and improve processes, products, and services having in mind the requirements and needs of our clients. Uniplast does business with a large number of domestic and foreign partners (pharmacy institutions, pharmacies, Institutes, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, wholesale drugstores, etc.).

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